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Please buy these shorts!

They've gotta go to band camp!

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That was just the beginning. We are ambitious. We will never be satisfied. Being satisfied means it's the end.


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I'm 18. I live in the middle of nowhere, and I'm not just saying that. We've reached the status of "town", however, upon the erection of a "town shopping center" or whatever you'd like to call it. It had town in the name, so this little corner of the world is now a town.

I am Aries. By all rights I should have been my moon sign.

I like to wear clothing no one else is willing to wear, and I'm okay with that- makes it cheaper on me. I shop the reject racks with pride and so far haven't been ousted for wearing clothing that is neither stylish or matching. Only nagged at for it.

Uhh... I have blue hair?

I'm a freshman at Tennessee Technological University this fall, partially against my will but partially not, and will be majoring in Journalism. Sort of. I plan on going to Tech for general credits before transferring out to a better school for my actual degree. Whichever school I transfer to, I'll be majoring in or studying something having to do with film/theatre/tv/etc production.

I'm as close to band geek as they get without actually picking up an instrument. Once upon a time I played clarinet, but there was a 2-year gap when there was no band, and I would have been unable to join the marching band until I was a senior, which would have been impossible either way. I fail at life. I try and make up by supporting my 2 best friends, a bari sax player and a clarinet player with CCHS Red Regiment, as best I am able. I try to go to all the shows, be at the competitions, and see concerts. I love the marching band and what it's about, even though I was unable to be a true part of it. And hey, I get to see the bigger, better picture when it comes showtime.

I schaeffer (literally) 50% of the Cosby Red Regiment band members to band camp in the summer. That has to count for something. Freshmen... psh.

Did I mention that I make marching band plushies? I do. You should go have a look, if you're a marching band or DCI member or fan.

[/boring crap]

Tohmia is love sex.

Because we're better than you.